Nadia Kaminskaya

Co-Founder | CMO
10 Years
+1 (813) 474 - 8836

Personal Information

Nadia, Co-Founder, and Chief Marketing Officer of MC360, is a versatile entrepreneur with eight years of experience in building start-ups, marketing, and business strategy. She earned her BS of Finance, MBA, and MS of Marketing from the University of South Florida and started her first business when she was 16 years old. Nadia has a knack for helping young companies grow and expand through digital marketing; her specialties lie in assisting companies to build a sustainable strategy to develop and expand.

Nadia is also a Co-Founder Bae Bosses Tampa Bay and s Co-Host on MAD360 Podcast. She enjoys photography, spending time with family, and kayaking on her free time.


Website Design
Strategy Development
Training & Education
Google AdWords & Social Media Advertising
Sale Funnels


  • Brand Development: Through a 10 step process and 3 phases I strengthen the brand’s image, align the brand strategy with the business objectives, develop tools that communicate the brand, and finally I strengthen the new or updated brand.
  • Website Development:  Every business is unique, and every company needs a website that fits their needs and delivers the correct message to their target market. Enhancing the user experience is key to a successful site that drives the message home.
  • Digital Marketing Systems: The digital marketing strategy is not just the website, its a system of channels that interact together to increase the traffic, contacts, customers, and referrals. I specialize in creating fluid digital marketing plans that can change based on the analytics, success of individual elements, and a clearly defined KP

The Process

Nadia’s process includes an in-depth analysis of your company to establish internal and external factors that are affecting your business, your conversion rate, and your lead generation. From the gathered information she designs a Strategic Action Plan (SAP) to establish the items that will most affect results and that are needed first.

After the client evaluates the SAP and the actionable plans are agreed on, the team begins implementing the program step-by-step. This delivers results that are seen throughout your business.

Whether you are trying to increase your lead generation, improve your conversion rate, or increase brand awareness, Nadia and the team and MC360 will help your business thrive.

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