Matthew Nauss

Co-Founder | CEO
15 Years
+1 (239) 209 - 4240

Personal Information

Matthew (Matt) is co-founder and CEO of Modern Consulting 360, bringing more than ten years of executive experience and expertise in the industry. Matt serves businesses in need of consulting in the areas of brand development, management, sales, marketing, team building, leadership, and organizational development. Previously, Matt held multiple leadership positions during his 12 year US Army career. He was also a business development manager for companies serving the homebuilding industry. Matt holds a BS in Entrepreneurship from the University of Tampa.

Matt enjoys traveling, snowboarding, spending time with family, and volunteering.


Website Design
Strategy Development
Training & Education
Google AdWords & Social Media Advertising
Sale Funnels


  • Brand Development:  Through a 10 step process and 3 phases Matt helps strengthen your brand’s image, align the brand strategy with the business objectives, develop tools that communicate the brand, and finally strengthen your brand.
  • Leadership Development: Matt helps leaders at all levels reach their performance goals through engaging and sustainable development experiences. By designing custom leadership development programs as stand-alone engagements and larger leadership strategies, Matt provides the right development opportunities to their target audience and maximize the positive impact in their organization.
  • Strategy Consulting: Through research and repetition, Matt advises organizations on high-level decisions in an unbiased fashion, using industry knowledge and research to deliver the best results. His goal is to help organizations achieve consistent long-term growth, make key decisions for business growth and development, and leverage tools and techniques in order for organizations to execute their strategies effectively.

The Process

Matt’s process includes an in-depth analysis of your company to establish internal and external factors that are affecting your business, your conversion rate, and your lead generation. From the gathered information I identify the items or areas that will most affect results and that are needed first.

After the client evaluates my suggestions, an actionable plan is agreed on. Then our team begins implementing the program step-by-step. This delivers results that are seen throughout your business.

Whether you are trying to increase your lead generation, improve your sales, raise your brand awareness, or develop a custom strategy,  Matt and his team will help your business thrive.

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