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Modern Consulting 360 is the brainchild of three entrepreneurial minds—the Trio, as we fondly refer to them around the office —Nadia Kaminskaya, Matthew Nauss, and Sam Mohammad. 
Before MC360 was even an inkling of an idea, all three founders recognized within themselves two key characteristics that every successful entrepreneur possesses: the desire to help others and the ability to turn a deficit into an opportunity. 

Matthew and Sam were fresh out of the military when they were bitten by the business bug. For Sam, marketing and advertising were always fascinating. It drove him crazy to watch businesses fail simply because they had not properly promoted their products. While many business owners seemed to overlook many small details, Sam was captivated by them. He pursued his MBA at the University of South Florida and got the chance to apply his skills while working with companies that had reached out for help sharpening their business strategies. 

Matthew, who served in the Army for 12 years in the IT field, spent his first six months as a civilian trying to find a job in that field. With a little bit of luck and good timing, he met a business owner who hired him as his business development manager. For two and a half years he worked there, developing his skills as a negotiator, strategy developer, and consultant. In 2016, he came to Sam with the idea of starting Modern Business Consulting.
.That is how it all started for the two Veterans. Then they met Nadia.

Nadia always had an entrepreneurial spirit. She started her first business at the age of 16 with tutoring services. She learned first hand how difficult it was to navigate the world of business, especially doing so alone. Nadia understood what it was like to lack the funds to pay a 3rd party company to do her marketing, so she took matters into her own hands and figured out exactly what she had to do to get her brand out into the world. 
It was frustrating at first, but as any true entrepreneur knows, there is always a positive in any situation. Opportunities are everywhere, you just need the patience and the drive to discover them. 
Once she became successful in marketing her own company, she began reaching out to startups who needed help with web design and brand development. She offered her skills to other small businesses who had been in the same position she was.  Matt and Sam met Nadia through MBA school and knew it would be beneficial for all to join forces, pulling their strengths together to form an even stronger alliance. Thus, the MC360 Trio was born. Now, as CMO of the full-fledged consulting company, her goal is to help the Tampa entrepreneur community grow as a whole by helping the small businesses in the area connect and grow. 

For all three founders, MC360 means prosperity – not just for new startups, but for all businesses in Tampa Bay and its neighboring areas. It means providing a modern 360 approach to planning and implementing a business strategy, considering all the possible factors that could make an impact on their company. It means that someone is there for the little guy, the start-ups, the dreamers. MC360 is there to support those entrepreneurs who were brave enough to take the first step.

The future is bright for MC360, consulting and specializing in digital marketing. The demand for this kind of marketing expertise continues to grow year after year, and the MC360 team offers innovative solutions. As MC360 grows, so does our potential and ability to help a wider range of business owners. We are dedicated to our clients because without THEM there would be no US. 
Our clients are the heart and soul of our company, and we cannot wait to see what the future holds for those who have been with us since the beginning, those who have just joined, and those with whom we have yet to cross paths. MC360, living and breathing innovation. 
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